Monday, June 26, 2006

For all of the fans of college football I would like to welcome you to my hood. We like to have fans from other teams around to talk the science of their team. We don't have any problem with true fans, however...........
Michigan fan will no doubt be around in less time than it takes their Defense to collapse in the 4th Quarter, so here are some opening statements to our blog:
  1. Clarett: We do not condone this assbag. We would have won the title without that perpatrator.
  2. Michigan is falling to the lower half of the greatest football conference in football. So, I stand by my FUCK MICHIGAN!
  3. Any player who has been in trouble after leaving The Ohio State University is futher testament to the most hard core miggy figgy JT. They didn't get caught with they junk in the neighbor's chick while under The Chosen One's watch.
  4. Any references to "Cheaty McSweatervest" or "illegal benefits" is a punk ass ho! NCAA found nothing on us so get off the testicles and the nut sac!


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