Monday, June 26, 2006

Notre Dame fan,
So I was having some discussion with this domer at my work. He tried to tell me that they had the hardest schedule in the nation. I told him to join the big ten. He started rattlin off how many opponents they got form the Big Ten and how they play the top teams on top of USC and Tennessee.
These punk asses need to stop poundin they ham to Jared, I mean Weis and wake up before Ted Ginn wakes up they echoes again. First of all Ohio ball is top. Don't hate on Cincinnati, Akron and Miami. Tennessee sucks and USC is over rated. I don't care how many top classes Carroll gets, he will never get the recruit that JT gets. We stopped V.Young and he banged your cheerleader(that is why she was cheering when he scored?) So, while we played Dr. Knockboots with Texas you were lost to them.
I went on this ND message board for a while. Damn, them priest lovers got their head way up they ass. All they talk about is Quinn and they forgot about how we beat them cakes till they thighs was raw last year. No Defense coming back for the silver bullets? You don't got anyone coming back either!
Give Subway Jared a year to recruit and prepare, maybe they will only lose by 2 scores this year!


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